smushed up cake in a wine glass- for wine themed bridal shower

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  • Wine themed bridal shower. @Michele Lane did a great job with the 'make your own wine charm ' table. Using beads,charms and wire rings from the craft store guests made their own favors and broke the ice.

    I came across your blog while searching for fun ideas to help me put together a wine themed bridal shower for my best friend.
    I pretty much have everything organized and all my ideas coming together but i can’t explain how excited I was to come across your mad lib idea. I am thinking of incorporating it into a guest book, something fun for the bride to go back and look at in the future.
    If you can send me the link that you found this exact template ( perfect for the theme) for the mad lib that would be greatly appreicated.

  • Are you the Maid of Honor? Good, listen up. You can really help to make the bride feel special by choosing one of her favorite interests and planning the bridal shower around it. There are tons of great DIY bridal shower ideas and I can think of several great themes, but today let’s focus on something we have tons of here in Oregon and that seems to be of a lot of interest among MANY brides and bridesmaids alike. Heck, just people in general. Wine. A wine themed bridal shower can be fun and simple.

    wine themed bridal shower - cork holders for food labels, empty wine bottles with tea lights, cork candle holders/center pieces, wine glasses for dips....!!!

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  • You are sure to find the perfect gift to please the guests of the wine theme bridal shower you are planning. We offer a wide range of unique wine theme gifts that are designed with your girlfriends in mind.

    WOW I am truly impressed by the invitations and have been looking for a wine themed bridal shower invitation for the LONGEST time!!!!! I am throwing a friend of mine a shower this summer and can’t decide if I wanted a wine theme or recipe theme mainly because I just don’t have that much for the wine theme! I saw a comment you made that said you sell different products on your etsy site but I didn’t see the invitations… How much are they and do you actually make them or just provide the file?!

Wine Themed Bridal Shower Invitation - Pinterest

Hello Dinah,
I am hosting a wine themed bridal shower at a wine restaurant and your ideas are terrific. Would you be able to email me your scoring card template? Also could you let me know how many questions are appropriate. It’s a shower with max 14 girls.
Thank you so much in advance.