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Simulates etched glass on shower doors, windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors.

Becry Vinyl Adhesive Free 3D Window Decals Static Cling Stone Pattern Frosted Bathroom Shower Privacy Glass Window Film Covering,17.7-by-78.7 Inches(45 x 200CM)

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  • If you are installing self-adhesive window film for shower doors, then you shall only need some very basic tools. All that you need is a utility knife, a squeegee, a spray bottle filled with soapy solution and some good patience. Firstly, clean the glass surface of any dirt. Then, spray the glass surface with the soapy solution and apply the glass film over it. As you squeeze out the soapy solution with the squeegee, the glass films will stick to the glass surface by itself. You may watch a video on the film installation from here: window film installation video.

    Window films for shower doors are made to be able to withstand both heat and moisture. Hence, you do not need to worry that it may come off. It does not comes off that easily but if you wish to remove the glass films, you may still do so by peeling it off from one corner. If the glass films is still within its product life-span, you may even use it on other glass or simply store it for future usage.

  • Most houses have shower doors with clear glasses. While it is easier to notice dirt and mould growing on it, clear glass does not look nice and is definitely far off when it comes to providing any form of privacy. If you have a clear glass shower door, you may be considering of glass treatment for shower doors. Window films should definitely be on your list as options that you may consider.

    There are plenty of location to buy window glass film for shower doors. has a good reputation for customer service, reasonable price and great product range. You may reach the site by clicking on any of the banners displayed on this site or navigate through the Online stores. When buying your window films, you have to ensure that you buy only from reliable merchandiser.

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