water softener for a shower head

Water Softener: Water Softener Filter For Shower

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead, Chrome Finish

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  • With the simple installation of a water softener for shower heads, you can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine absorbed by your body. Unfortunately, the same process you go through to clean your body on a daily basis could be exposing you to unwanted chemicals and health risks.

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    Studies have shown that iron in the water causes discoloration, especially in the hair.

    For example, iron makes blond hair take a slightly orange tint.

    Iron also makes it difficult for soap to be rinsed after being applied on the body, which could lead to complications and itchiness in the skin.

    Having a water softener for shower also ensures that there are no traces of magnesium or calcium in your bath water.

    This helps you avoid contracting eczema, psoriasis, skin yeast infections and itchiness in the scalp. The absence of magnesium and calcium in the water also prevents dry skin.

    With all the tough minerals and metals removed by the water softeners, you don't have to bother cleaning up scaly residue that the minerals in hard water usually leave on smooth surfaces like your bathroom tiles.

    Packaging Details: 1T/H type water softener for shower:49*34*71 CM
    2T/H type water softener for shower:49*34*116 CM
    Delivery Detail: Depend on the order quantity of water softener for shower

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