Natural Vitamin C shower filters

Do I have to back flush our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter?Absolutely not.

Vitamin C Filter Inline By Sonaki - use your own showerhead and remove Chlorine And Chloramines

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  • Does our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter reduce the flow rate?
    No noticeable change of flow rate is found before and after the Sonaki filter is installed.

    Does our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter require maintenance?
    No. Sonaki does not need any mainenance. You just need to install it and enjoy chlorine and chloramine free showers.

  • Does the performace of our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter dependent on temperature or pressure of water?
    No. The Sonaki works for any water temperature (hot or cold), any water pressure (high or low) and any quality of water as long as the ordinary shower head works.

    How does our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter work in removing chlorine and chloramines from water?
    Sonaki utilizes ascorbic acid chemistry for dechlorination. Vitamin does not hold the chlorine or chloramine, it neutralizes chlorine and chloramine from an element into a harmless compound.

    Vitamin C Show Filter December 11, 2014
    Reviewer: Kim B Ford from New Harmony, UT United States  

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Everyone needs the Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter

The water we use from city water systems has been treated by chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine. By definition, "chlorine is a nonmetallic element occurring naturally as a poisonous, greenish-yellow gas with an irritating, pungent odor." The new technology used in our Sonaki Vitamin C Organic Shower Filter astonishingly uses Vitamin C as the agent to remove the harmful chlorine in the water we use to shower.