Beautiful and functional accessories to enhance and tub or shower.

Thermostatic Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve Only. Thermostatic/Pressure Balance Cartridge.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve Body

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  • This shower enclosure set can be mounted on most faucets that have a diverter valve, and can be attached to a faucet in 1 of 2 different positions depending on the style of your tub (end or the side of the tub). This package is ideal for those who already have a faucet with a diverter valve and wish to transform their Clawfoot tub into a more functional classic tub and shower combination.

    With dimensions of 59 x 59 x 89 inches, this is the queen of all tubs with a corner design. This European styled space age tub and shower is the epitome of elegance, spaciousness and relaxation.

  • In the 70’s and 80’s many bathrooms used products like jetted tubs and fiberglass . While jetted tubs might have made sense for that time – these products just aren’t a fit with homeowners today who lack the time to take baths. In addition the low cost fiberglass tub surrounds in many homes are beginning to show their age (many have yellowed or cracked) and are hard to keep clean. This is exactly the dilemma that faced the Mockabee family of Cleveland Ohio (who had an existing jetted bathtub/ combination with old fiberglass walls). Learn below how they converted their tub and showering area into a low maintenance, high style and functioning shower.

    6. Something else to consider is that many bathtub shower combinations are now being designed with an eye toward an aging population. The ADA Approved Acclaim by Sterling, for example, is actually a pretty cool design, with a shower seat that locks firmly into place, but that is lightweight and easily removable. This bathtub shower also comes with built in shower bar reinforcements.

    Tub showers are a practical way to house both bath and shower options in one space.  Great for those who have limited space or have different ideas for the space they have. 

    Walk with us into your bathroom.  Come sit down at the custom vanity table with the mirrors and lighting you have always imagined.  Look to the side of the tub and see that wall hanging television for those days when you are not about to miss the next play.  Now let’s walk to the double sink which gives you your own side, allowing your stuff to be separated from your spouse’s.

    But you can’t have that all if you add a standing shower.  No problem. Glass enclosures are a tub shower’s best friend.  They add the beauty that the custom glass options can give you, while still allowing for cleaning ease. 

    The vinyl curtain that has become such a standard is such a pain in upkeep.  Cleaning them has never been a breeze.  Also, think about how you would never again be showering and have that curtain blow in on you, sticking to your leg.  What a difference that would make.

    Tub showers may be standard and practical, but that is not where it stops.  They can be beautiful and effortless.  Whether you are remodeling or just replacing that vinyl curtain, call Shower Door City today.



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