Trackless shower doors for tubs

Please note: these trackless shower doors are no longer made by Lyons. This page is for historical reference only.

DreamLine Aqua Fold 36 in. Width, Frameless Hinged Tub Door, 1/4" Glass, Chrome Finish

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  • Our frameless or trackless glass shower doors add a new dimension to the definition of elegance. Creating a sleek, clean and unrestricted look. And our styles are both durable and unique, and increase your home’s perceived value.

    The unique design of trackless shower doors forces water to run back into the tub saving the floor from water damage. These handicap accessible barrier-free doors feature full unobstructed access to the bathtub or shower. Since they are trackless, there is nothing to clean or trip over. Doors open wide from the center, accordion-style, for easy access, leaving more room in your bath and the edge of tub free to sit on.

  • For smaller bathrooms, a sliding shower door could make more efficient use of limited space. Sliding or bypass doors can be fitted over a bathtub or to a shower stall. They operate by using rollers to glide along tracks. Although space-saving, because the panels overlap and dirt can get trapped in the tracks, it can be tricky to keep them clean. For better accessibility, trackless shower doors are an option. These accordion style doors have the advantages of no tracks to trip over or keep clean.

    Trackless shower doors from eShowerDoor meet the standard Bath Tub Shower Doors. Glass Shower Enclosures. Bi Fold Shower Doors. Clear Glass Shower French Door Refrigerators; Side by Side Refrigerators Bath Tub Walls & Surrounds; More BATH FAUCETS No results for "Trackless Trackless tub and shower doors from Lyons Industries have a new mounting system for added strength and easy installation. The doors fold out of the way for more room

    Trackless Shower Doors

  • Trackless Shower Doors

    Trackless shower doors are hassle free compared to their counterparts. Imagine never having to worry about the door coming off its track again. Trackless also means that the door is free of barriers for those looking to create a safer environment.


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