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China Steam Shower Room (A088) - China Steam Room, Steam Cabin

Luxury KBM 9001 Bathtub, Steam Shower Room Enclosure 60 x 35, Home SPA, 6 Body massage Jets, Overhead rainfall shower head, Computer control panel, Freestanding Modern Bath

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  • Di Vapor (pronounced 'Dee Vah-pour') specialises in luxury bathroom , steam shower cabins, , and . Celebrating our 9th year of trading, Di Vapor has gradually established itself as one of the leading suppliers in the UK. A combination of unrivalled product knowledge, friendly customer service and our exclusive product range makes Di Vapor the first choice for customers across the UK. Di Vapor UK provides an exclusive range of high quality, units designed to be installed in any type of bathroom. A select range of steam shower rooms, far infrared saunas and whirlpool baths in a variety of shapes and sizes almost certainly guarantees that you'll find something to meet your tastes and requirements.

    There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day and getting a nice hot shower. Of course, as the Steam Shower Room, by Aquapeutics, shows, there’s hot showers, and then there are hot showers with steam and acupressure jets, TV to , aromatherapy, and plenty of other bells and whistles.

  • Value for Money - Di Vapor provides high quality steam shower rooms, whirlpool baths and far infrared saunas at competitive internet prices. We know that we're not the cheapest supplier in the marketplace, but we feel that our prices are great value for money in comparison to the product quality and customer service you can expect to receive.

    Saunas are similar to a steam shower, but they produce a dry heat. The sauna room pictured above is adjacent to a walk-in shower. The two are separated by a frameless shower door; frameless shower enclosures are also quite popular this year. Prefabricated units with a sauna room and a steam shower room are also available on Steam Showers Inc.

    The Oxford two person steam shower room includes the following features:

  • This shower room is very modernized and technological; the steam shower room is the most relaxing place that can be in your whole house. Taking hot steam bath after a long tiring day can truly give a heavenly feel. Just the very thought of it itself is like bliss, isn’t it?

Luxury Steam Shower Room (G151) - China Steam Shower Room, Bathroom

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