And that is how to install a shower water filter!

Protect your hair and skin with a new shower water filter cartridge.

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter with Replaceable 3-Stage Filter Cartridge - Chrome

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    Shower water filters are a smart and important choice for reducing the amount of chlorine and vaporized chemical contamination your body and lungs are exposed to from the water you bathe in and the air you breathe. On this page, you will find a product by product comparison and tips to help you choose the best shower filter for your home.

  • There are two main performance factors to consider when choosing a shower water filter. The first is to understand how much chlorine the water filter is capable of reducing or neutralizing. The second is the impact the shower filter will have on your shower water pressure. There are a number of options in the market to choose from including KDF copper-zinc alloy filters, Vitamin C filters* and carbon filters. The product comparisons provided below do not include Vitamin C filters as there is not enough credible scientific data to determine their performance at this point in time.

    Most of the time when someone starts researching a shower water filter their primary concern is with the chlorine in the water. The chlorine to worry about comes from the Shower filters and replacement shower filter cartridges reduce chlorine taste and odor in your shower water. Shower water filters and shower water treatment prevent dry Our Partners. Crystal Quest One of the best suppliers we've found for many of your water filtration needs. Aquasana A very reputable and top quality

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    RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—You don't want your bathing experience to be dirty. But between harmful chemicals in many shampoos and soaps and the way they can react with the chlorine in our tap water to create more chemical chaos, business as usual in the bathroom needs to change. One easy way you can do that is by installing a shower water filter. True, water filtration may not have as much cache as carrying a or the searching out an organic cosmetics line. But it's just as important because we suds up every day (most of us, anyway). Fortunately, there are retailers out there who want to help you clean up your act.

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THE DETAILS: In 2010, the , along with eating organic and avoiding plastic, recommended installing both drinking water and shower water filters as one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from developing cancer. That's because previous studies have found some pretty alarming statistics regarding unfiltered shower water, including the fact that people absorb 100 times more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than they do from drinking a gallon of the same water.