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Shower Truffles - Rosemary Mint - Vintage Body Care

Shower Truffle Fizz Gift Set by Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery

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  • Chic mommies with impeccable taste will adore these baby shower truffles. Delectable artisan chocolates wrapped in classy and modern gift boxes, this sweet favor was made to be savored. These gourmet truffles are made with all natural ingredients and blended with fresh cream for a silky consistency that makes each morsel a taste of heaven. Our baby collection features a 3-piece box decorated with baby themed designs for your baby shower.

    After all that richness, a secondi course might seem redundant, but I would definitely order the veal breast, stuffed with greens and mushrooms and slow-cooked for 24 hours; a thick slice rests on creamy polenta with some sauteed mushrooms, and a quick shower of truffle shavings adds more depth to the flavor. (As a lighter option, there's also polenta and wild-mushroom ragu with poached egg, a dish that virtually screams, "Truffle me!")

  • Love the shower truffles. The scent on the rosemary mint is just what I need to wake me in the morning and they leave my skin so soft after using. I also love them for my feet between pedicures.

These are chocolate cake truffles for a baby shower