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This TC Eden Thermostatic Corner & Straight Shower Tower is a fantastic touch to your shower enclosure with it extra body jets.

Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Multi-functional Nozzles

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  • The basic function of a shower panel system is really simple and straightforward – it holds the and contains the piping needed for water to burst through it. The first ones were statics so only one position of the shower head was possible to have when showering. With the evolving bathroom technology, the dynamic shower towers were developed, enabling you to switch between many different positions of the shower head, thus the ability to adjust the angle at which water is spraying you and is now core element of the .

    DVS offer complete shower units ready to fix onto the wall. Constructed from robust 316 stainless steel, DVS shower towers offer a safe but attractive, high security and easy to install solution. To make installation as simple as possible the towers are pre-plumbed and valves are safely housed within the tower. DVS shower towers are also available in two other categories; with in-built TMV3 or ceiling height. The ceiling height shower towers are extended, wider versions of the standard towers and are designed to hide all pipework to the ceiling. The push operated showers operate in a very similar way to a push tap and will self-close after a period of approximately 40 seconds. – Ceiling height (without TMV3) – Additional shower kit consisting of; rail, hose and head

  • Even in the past, s were the most technical and hard-to-design and construct part of the walk-in shower. Whereas the head itself and the shower floor are quite straight forward, shower towers are something completely different. Looking from another angle, they are the sophisticated mechanical pieces of the showers, technically designed and carefully constructed like swiss watches. If you use a screw and break the shower panel in parts, you'll see the technical details it contains. But for the end user, none of this matters. Usually when we buy a small walk in shower as a whole, shower tower is already constructed for us and we just install it with ease.

    This TC Livorno Thermostatic shower tower has minimalist stylish finish. It provides the perfect shower experience and a great focal point for your shower enclosure or walk in shower. Shoiwer Towers are the ultimate shower Solution for the 21st century.

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    This steam shower utilizes a tower which contains the rain shower head, body sprays, and a hand-held shower wand.

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    Bristan's Prism Shower Pole

    The ultimate in showering style, Bristan’s Prism shower pole is thermostatically controlled to ensure a steady flow of hot water that will remain within +/- 1°c of your selected temperature at all times. A simple lever control diverts between the overhead shower or hand-held shower with ease, allowing you take a shower without getting your hair wet, while the clever rub-clean showerheads are a breeze to keep clean. Built-in safety measures include a maximum pre-set temperature option as well as automatic shut-off in the event of water failure.


    Bristan Thermostatic Shower Panel
    Suitable for high pressure systems
    Thermostatically controlled
    Automatic safety shut off in the event of water failure
    Separate temperature and flow controls for ease of use
    Pre-set maximum temperature
    Built in diverter and body jets
    Multi function handset
    Aqua and chrome finish  

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    Blue ocean shower panel SPA392M is one among the best shower towers launched by Blue Ocean. This is one of the best shower panels available in market. It comes with aluminum alloy body. Dimensions of best shower column is 52'' H * 10'' W * 3.5'' D.

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A shower tower (or shower column as it’s sometimes known) may have 5* cleaning power and looks, but that doesn’t mean that it has to have a 5* price. Our shower panels all come with huge discounts off the RRPs, and with jet showers from some of the biggest names in bathrooms, like Ultra and Phoenix, you can be assured that your new shower tower is going to look fantastic in your bathroom for years to come.