Prime-Line Products M 6258 Frameless Shower Door Bottom Seal, 3/8 in. x 36 in., Vinyl, Clear

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  • Translucent PVC extruded shower seal strip for shower and bath doors or screens. All models are expertly designed for use on shower rooms and enclosures. The pvc seals simply push onto the edge of the shower glass funtioning as drip seals with water deflectors and soft or hard lips to direct running water back to the shower tray. The lips may achieve other functions such as air infiltration, impact cushioning and holding etc. The seals work with most straight glass of pivoting or sliding shower doors and will bend to suit many curved screen.

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    GoldRays has been a professional PVC shower seal strip supplier and manufacturer for over 10 years. today!

  • Welcome to Coastal Shower Seal and Tiling – Coastal Shower Seal & Tiling are a tiling, waterproofing and shower sealing business based on the Sunshine Coast owned and run by experienced personnel with more than thirty years’ in the industry.

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    Seamlessly waterproofing your entire shower has never been easier or safer than it is with ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner from KBRS. ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner is a  positive-side waterproofing membrane that can be applied using a paint brush or roller.

    Unlike sheet-applied waterproofing, there are no overlapping seams that can fail if not installed properly. When you apply ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner to your entire shower, you add the highest level of waterproofing available.

    Specially formulated for tile showers, this "liquid rubber" product is easily applied using no more than a paint roller or brush. No sticky, messy application, no large sheets to glue to the wall, no overlapped seams to fail and leak......just smooth, even, seamless coverage you can count on.

    Simply apply a few coats of ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner (allow for  the required time to cure in between coats), then follow with the installation of your thinset and tiles. You will not only have a beautiful shower, but also complete peace of mind that it is total leak-proof.

    • Easy roll-on application (View)
    • Completely "rubberizes" your entire shower
    • No large "sheets" to glue to the walls
    • No seams or overlaps to fail and leak
    • Monolithic seamless coverage
    • Ensures 100% waterproofing
    • Apply thin-set and tile directly to the surface when cured

    Product Data Sheet

     50 s/f of coverage per gallon


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    Grout is naturally porous, which makes it a great addition to the shower. The only problem is that if you leave the grout in your shower unsealed, that porous nature becomes a disadvantage. Once mildew, mold, water minerals, and other contaminants get into the grout, it can be costly and time consuming to repair the issue. That's why knowing how to seal grout in the shower is to your advantage. You'll want to seal the grout after it has dried when first installed and then every year afterward for the best results. Here's what you're going to need to do.

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Byretech design, manufacture and supply a clever range of Shower Tray Seals for all types of shower trays. We now do Vertical Seals to match too so you can get your shower watertight.