5/8" OD x 77" High Shower Riser Pipe - Bathroom

C-clamp attaches to 1/2

Barclay Shower Riser Only 62-Inch

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  • TAG : Hardware 1/2" IPS Heavy Duty 77" Shower Riser Pipe with Wall Brace
  • A shower riser pipe exists in multi-story residential buildings such as condominiums and apartment complexes. These pipes run through your shower pan and concrete floor. Then, below your floor and above your neighbor’s ceiling, shower drain pipes are tied in to a p-trap and then a branch line ties into the rest of your plumbing system.

    Ideal for a clawfoot tub without a faucet deck, this faucet features a traditional design and will mount directly to your bathroom wall. This diverter valve must be installed with a shower riser pipe or hand shower, both sold separately. ...

  • Overhead swan neck shower riser pipe.
    Adjustable pipe holder.
    Features & Benefits:
    Use with 181 exposed shower mixers.
    Shower rose not included.

    The tall spout of the Economy Code Style Tub Filler with Diverter makes this faucet a great choice to replace your existing tub filler and add a shower riser pipe, all while meeting most plumbing codes. This tub filler has ...

  • I think you'd better get on top of this. Water always takes the least resistive path; in this case out from under the tub edge. But it will eventually disappear from sight and then find its way into the flooring and underlying structure. Shower-only leaks like yours are almost always from around the head. Unscrew it, apply some Teflon tape and screw it back tightly with large pliers. If that doesn't do the trick, you may have to remove a few pieces of tile to look behind the faucet set for a leak in the shower riser pipe leading upwards towards the head.

OD x 77" High Shower Riser Pipe