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Below is a video of Waterpik’s Showerpik water flosser. See how the device works in the shower.
ShowerFloss by showerfloss
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Based on the consumer ratings and consumer feedback, it seems that ShowerBreeze is better than Showerpik.

ShowerBreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator w/ lifetime warranty flosser

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  • TAG : The Best Dental Irrigator for Water Flossing! – Oral Breeze
  • ShowerBreeze is a simple and inexpensive shower flosser, while Showerpik has more features. In this article, there’s a comparison chart that you can use to compare these two. Also, there’s an in-depth review for each product so you’ll know first-hand consumer experience.

    Combining the feedback given to the 6′ and 3′ ShowerBreeze and the Showerpik, we can say that ShowerBreeze has a higher rating than ShowerBreeze.

  • In one of our posts, we presented you with the brands of you’ll most likely find on the market. Currently, there are four brands, but among these names, two stand out – the ShowerBreeze and the Showerpik.


    Waterpik WP-480W Showerpik

    ShowerBreeze 3' Hose Oral Irrigation
    Type shower water flossershower water flosser
    Model NumberWP-480W SB3 or SB6
    Tip Holderyesyes
    Battery Packyesno
    Chrome Diverteryesno
    Pressure Controlyesno

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