Danaë and the Shower of Gold, 1787

Danaë and the Shower of Gold by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, 1787.

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    Colorado is beautiful right now. A warm fall lingers, and everywhere I look there are showers of gold and ruby against a lapis sky. During the past few days I have been drinking in the sights, memorizing them in anticipation of a time when I may no longer have them. And before the end I want to pilgrimage to all the places I have loved. I want to wait at dawn at the verge of the pine forest for the appearance of wolves and bear, to lie on my stomach and watch trout in the depths of a wild river, to breathe in the immense silence of the giant redwoods on the California coast. I want to thank all these places for having been, for having nourished me, and for expressing the exuberant creativity of God.

    Danaë reclining with Zeus as the shower of gold depicted on a vase 450-425 BC
    Consort Zeus, Polydectes
    Parents Acrisius and Eurydice
    Children Perseus

Titian - Danae and the Shower of Gold