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Sea Gull Lighting Recessed Shower Trim Features: -Recessed shower trim.-Clear glass shade.-Suitable for shower light.-CUL and UL w

4" Bathroom Shower Dimmable Downlight Recessed Lighting Kit, Round Tempered Frosted Glass, Easy Install Push-N-Click Clips, Globe Electric 90664

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  • If you get the lighting right in your bathroom space you will be surprised at the impact it can have on the overall look of your bathroom. This HiB shower light has a cool white illumination which is ideal for brightening up a darker bathroom space. provide you with additional illumination around your shower area. This LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and can last for up to 80% longer than regular bulbs. The light has a 60 degree beam angle which will span quite a large area in your bathroom. With a chrome casing this light will match with other modern bathroom accessories.

    Shower light fixtures – Functional and stylish
    Liven up your bathroom with shower light fixtures. There are varied types you can go for depending on the size and lay out of your bathroom. For instance you can go for high quality functional ceiling recessed lights that are rated to withstand the wet conditions admirably. They are designed to help you with sufficient light for safety and at the same time provide that sophisticated elegance for your bathroom. You may also try out ceiling flush lighting, bath bar lighting fixtures, a mirror with light or strip lighting. They are all available in contemporary styles to enhance looks.

  • If fluorescent fixtures are selected to illuminate a mirror, tubes designed for vanity illumination or tubes that produce daylight-spectrum light is ideal. The light from standard fluorescent tubes can be cold and harsh — acceptable for office or shop lighting but not for makeup application. Use one 24-inch, 20-watt tube on each side of the mirror. Two 24-inch, 20-watt tubes mounted above the mirror or a 32-watt circle light on the ceiling will offer adequate lighting.

    Accent your recessed light fixture in your bathroom with this Shower Light Trim. The frosted albalite lens casts beautiful light housing. The 5 in. trim size is the right choice for applications where dramatic yet inconspicuous lighting is desired.

    I then connected the black wire associated with the recessed overhead can shower light Romex cable to the bottom side of the switch.
    Next I twisted together all of the white return wires using a wire nut.
    I then twisted the ground wires together and fastened them to the green screw on the electrical switch.
    Finally, I reattached the electrical switch to the electrical box and fastened the faceplate cover back on to the electrical box.

    Photo by Mark Donovan

  • Well after 15 years, I finally broke down and found some time to install an overhead shower light in our shower unit. With a bright new shower, all I keep asking myself is why did I procrastinate for so long! It only took about 3 hours of work and around $30 in material.
    For material I used a recessed can light fixture that has adjustable brackets to allow it to easily be mounted to ceiling joists, and a shower overhead light fixture that mounts up into the recessed can.

    Taking a shower in the dark is not only incredibly frustrating, it can actually be dangerous. It is a lot easier to slip and fall, bump your head or cut yourself unintentionally when you are trying to bathe in a poorly lit environment. Recessed shower lighting is one of the best solutions for bathroom illumination because unlike most lighting, it’s rated for use in damp locations so it is safe to use even in wet environments like a shower, bathtub or Jacuzzi®.

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Q) How do recessed shower lights block water damage from moisture accumulation?
The glass diffuser and rubber gasket on each recessed shower light trim prevent water from entering the light fixture.