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DreamLine SHBW-1440742-01 QWALL-4 Shower Enclosure Backwalls Kit

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  • Shower Enclosure Kits are made of white finished scratch and stain resistant acrylic and tempered glass construction for long lasting durability and dependability. Designed for easy corner installation over existing surface. Squared or Rounded bases have slip-resistant textured floor, fiberglass reinforcement and integrated tile flange for easy installation and waterproofing. CUPC certified. Backwalls are made with watertight panels with attractive tile pattern and glass corner shelves. Clear or Frosted tempered glass enclosures and doors have anodized aluminum profiles and guide rails with chrome finished hardware. ANSI certified. Available in 33, 36 or 38 inch lengths and widths and various door width and opening ranges.

    This shower kit is a square shower cabin with multi function hand shower. This shower kit is a compact shower enclosure, ideal for those looking to add a shower into smaller locations such as an ensuite. The thermostatic shower valve is fitted with a cartridge containing a wax element sensor to provide a high degree of temperature accuracy. The shower enclosure kits, like all the shower cabins range come with re-enforced shower trays, to provide a safe and study showering experience. The shower enclosure kits range features 5mm to 8mm coloured rear glass and clear front glass doors and side glass, all of which is safety glass.

  • Have you ever thought about putting in your own shower? If you have, you have likely been deterred by the high price of parts and labor involved in the task. Fortunately though, you can save quite a bit of money by going with shower enclosure kits rather than trying to design your own type. glass shower enclosure kits

    glass shower enclosure kits Shower enclosure kits are becoming more and more popular nowadays and that is because the shower enclosure kit market has expanded in the last few years with a lot of manufacturers appearing on the market with a flood of new models. However, don't jump in just yet; before buying a shower enclosure kit there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. Read this article to find out more.

  • Everything from shower enclosure kits to bathtub wall surrounds can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and we provide fast, efficient on-site installation anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please explore all our bath and shower enclosure systems, and more, including:

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