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Clingless Curtain Keeper, Diamond Brushed Nickel

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  • Water on the floor outside the shower area can be a big problem in barrier-free showers.

    The Weighted Shower Curtain keeps the water where it should be, while keeping your bathroom drier, cleaner and bacteria-free.

    Made of water repellent, protective fibers, this shower curtain is weighted along the full length of the hem. The weighted hem ensures that the curtain won't rise or billow, making the Weighted Shower Curtain one of the most effective water barriers available.

    You'll want to hang your shower curtain weights to dry. Place a rag or newspaper underneath to catch any potential drips. Allow 30 min. between dipping if you feel a second coat is necessary.

  • Here's the fun part. Slowly dip your completed shower curtain weight into your can of Plasti Dip. Be sure to stir the dip first. You're going to want to dip and remove at about 1 inch per 5 seconds.

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