U Shaped Shower Curtain Rail Track

Corner Shower Curtain Rod, Track Style, Universal Size, by ShowerAuthority, Chrome Finish

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  • Rust Proof White or Chrome
    These handy tracks are made from rigid strong lacquered aluminium, which creates a durable fitting you’ll be pleased with - although we don’t suggest you swing from it to show your delight! But to ensure you get the best fitting they can be cut to size. Euroshowers Professional Bendi Shower Curtain Tracks are also available in both white or chrome finish, so deciding to buy is as a painless as installing it. Both are completely rust proof too, so whichever one you do chose, you’ll know it will look that way forever. Plus your Euroshowers Professional Bendi Shower Curtain Tracks arrive with a manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.

    Total Package
    Euroshowers Professional Bendi Shower Curtain Tracks make installing a protective area around your shower for a curtain simple. The entire track bends easily by hand to achieve whatever shape you want, and everything you need to achieve this, is supplied together. As well as 3 x 1 metre tracks in your pack, you’ll also find 2 ceiling supports and all fixings. Simply put, Euroshowers Professional Bendi Shower Curtain Tracks are the complete package. Tracks, gliders, ceiling supports, wall brackets and rings. Effortless. The only tricky bit is deciding which shower curtain you want (sold separately).

  • Easy. A word you want to hear when doing DIY. Here’s a few more you might like the sound of if you’re fitting a new bathroom. Euroshowers Professional Bendi Shower Curtain Tracks.

    We know, in the bathroom our shower curtain tracks are competing for your affection with both rods and shower doors, but there are many benefits of using curtains instead of doors. Read some of the creative uses in our post.


  • L Shaped Shower Curtain Rail Track

    Available in Chrome or White



    LJ chose the for this project due to her need for a track that could be bent to follow the rounded exterior of this shower. This track is easily installed to form bends or arcs as shown above. Once the are mounted to the ceiling, the track snaps into place to follow the layout required. No pre-bending is necessary, thus eliminating significant expense usually associated with custom bent shower curtain tracks or rods. This track system offers the user a lot of “flexibility” in their design. Curved tracks are no problem with this type curtain hardware.

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Medical supply sources have long been a well-kept secret source for affordable shower curtain tracks. We spotted this tasteful example of the idea put into practice at a home designed by architect .