Use ribbon to tie shower curtain onto rod. this is adorable

Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod - Brushed Nickel

InterDesign Forma Constant Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod - 43-75", Medium, Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • Increase the amount of space in your shower by adding the Double Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod. With its curved design, the shower area will feel more open and spacious. The double rod design allows one rod to be used for a shower curtain while the other may used to hang towels and other accessories. The rod length is adjustable for use in shower enclosures from 60"-70". Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

    Very good product - much better than the springy shower curtain rods. But be careful when you mount this rod. First, make sure your measurements are very accurate before cutting the rod. I used a small pipe cutter and that worked perfectly. Next, make sure your drilled holes exactly match the mounting flange holes. Finally, when you screw the flanges to the wall, don't push too hard with your drill or you'll run the risk of pushing the plastic anchors completely through your wallboard. Remember that the plastic anchors don't have a ring on them (if they did the flange wouldn't fit tight against your wall) so any forward pressure will push the anchor through the wall. That's what happened to me, and I had to get new anchors and be 'creative' to affix the flanges. After that - enjoy the benefits of a "no bump" shower curtain rod!!

  • These are exquisitely crafted shower curtain rods. We already have one in the master bathroom at our cabin. In search of the perfect curtain rod for a kitchen window of enormous length at that same cabin, I finally thought of our beautiful shower curtain rod and realized that would be the best possible answer. Set very high, it never needs to come down. We will install clip style hangers on it before mounting it, and the curtains will hang from those and will easily be taken down (after climbing up a ladder!) for laundering.

    This luxury shower curtain rod is made specifically for walk-in showers. Made from heavy duty brass tubing, it includes wall flanges and all necessary mounting hardware. The rich designer finish options are sure to add style to your bath area. ...

    Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
    100% Steel
    Dimensions: Adjustable: 41" - 76", Weight: 1.7lbs.

    Adjustable for a custom fit, this shower curtain rod is simple, handsome and available in just about every color that bath decor could call for.

    Fashioned from steel for durability, the cylindrical rod fits shower openings from 41 to 76 inches wide and stays in place with a built-in tension mechanism. Its rubberized, color-match end caps protect tile and shower surround, and its finish is resistant to corrosion and discoloration.

    And with a wide array of color choices from brass to sage you can tailor the shower to the rest of the bath!

  • This is the 2nd brushed nickel dual "curved" shower curtain rod purchased from this company in tow months.
    This time I took advantage of the service that pre-cut the rod so I did not have to. I live in a Condo and do NOT have a vise to hold the rod secure enough.
    The best curved rod!!
    My wife came up with an idea that works for us. Once installed, use the inner (closest to shower), rod to hold both the inner & outer curtain. Use the outside rod (free of any obstruction), to hold/dry your towel(s). By far the best made shower curtain. To install a curved rod and get the most room inside a stand-up or bath-tub type shower, install your curtain onto the rod and hold the brackets on either side.
    Use a small latter to stand on so the installer is higher than the rod and can look down from the top of the shower rod into the showering area. Have an assistant on the inside of the bathroom, look to see what is the furthest you can move the rod bracket OUT INTO the room. The installer higher than the rod can look down inside the shower area and see how much more room is created by moving the entire rod/curtain IN or OUT, while making the final install look appropriate . Once the desired area INSIDE the showering area is the largest agreed upon, then mark the walls where the brackets are at that point.
    What does this method do? Gives the person taking a shower more room inside the showering area, without ever touching the inside/wet shower curtain during ones shower.
    I would buy this curved shower rod again in a heart beat!

Curved double shower curtain rod

I was so relieved to find this corner shower curtain rod because none of the local home improvement stores carried anything close to the 36" x 36" size in oil-rubbed bronze color. All the hardware was included and packaged nicely.