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Command Shower Caddy

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  • “I’m not coming at this approach like everyone needs to have a Shower Commander or this is how we change the world,” Chandler says. “However, I think it can change the world. If you use it, it really can make a big difference.”

    Inside the Shower Commander is a valve that controls turning on and off the water, which is activated when the button attached to a plastic cord is pressed — the device's button has a suction application that sticks to a surface in the shower stall. Air pressure from pressing the button moves the valve inside Shower Commander, turning water on and off at whatever temperature it was when turned off.

  • Shower Commander, while not officially priced, could cost between $30 and $60. Chandler says that he intends Shower Commander to be “something that is tangible that people can actually afford so we can actually make a difference. If you have one, you don’t have to feel like you have the weight of water conservation on your back.”

    The shower device, which is air-operated, requires no electric or battery-operated technology and functions like a click pen. Shower Commander is installed by unscrewing the showerhead, placing the device on the threaded nozzle and then reattaching the showerhead.

  • Chandler says he hopes that Shower Commander can start conversations. “It’s not something you just install and forget about,” he says. “Because you have to be an active participant, you do start thinking about what you are using and what you are not.”

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On April 20, Chandler and his Shower Commander team launched a Kickstarter to raise about $35,000 to cover the cost of molding the product for manufacture and for the first batch of Shower Commanders. The Kickstarter campaign will last for approximately 30 days, Chandler says, adding that he hopes to have a finished product by August of this year. ν