Delta Faucet has an excellent shower cartridge replacement video:

Replacement For American Standard Aquarian Hot/Cold Faucet-Shower Cartridge - 2-1/4

Moen 1225 One-Handle Replacement Cartridge

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  • Remove the handle and look at the . The valve stem may be marred or deformed causing the set screw to slip. If so you’ll need to replace the shower valve cartridge.

    The CAWH08-05 is part of the CA77 range of Vernet thermostatic shower cartridges. It is TMV2 standard approved for low pressure systems. The CAWH range is so sensitive it has even been approved for use with the NHS in the UK.

  • Hi, my mom too has a very old house. I’m trying to replace her shower cartridge too. I only got as far as removing Shower Valve Escutcheon. The sleeve is completely stuck. I tried spraying liquid wrench were i could reach, tapped on it, still stuck. Any other advise, or am i going to have to saw it off somehow? Thanks for you time and advance.

    If the handle still doesn’t fit then the bonnet nut needs to be tightened a bit because the neck of the sleeve is bottoming out prematurely on the nut. If you look at the valve body threads it may be possible to tell where the bonnet nut had previously been threaded to by the oxidation and dirt ring. Take care not to over tighten the bonnet nut. I’d remove the shower cartridge and thread on the bonnet by hand just to make sure the threads aren’t jammed after a certain point.

    Vernet TMV2 Shower Thermostatic Cartridge Replacement CA43 L-T
    Part Number: VERCA43LT
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    Vernet TMV3 Shower Thermostatic Cartridge CA43 G-01
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    Vernet TMV2 Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement CAWH08-05
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    A shower faucet cartridge is one of the faucet's most important parts. This part is the very reason you are able to control both hot and cold water with a single handle. Most modern faucets consist of a cartridge and handle design, instead of the valve and stem design common on older faucets.

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Replacing your shower cartridge is usually fairly straightforward. Obviously some shower models are more difficult than others. Crucially, the cartridge is designed to be removed so it is seldom a challenging task. Instructions for your shower/cartridge are usually easy to come by and it goes without saying that the water supply to the unit should be shut off before attempting to dismantle your shower valve. If you are unsure, consult with a qualified Plumber or phone The Shower Doctor for advice.