DreamLine Niagara Jetted Shower Cabin

BACAN shower cabin

DreamLine Prism 34 1/8 in. D x 34 1/8 in. W, Frameless Pivot Shower Enclosure, 3/8" Glass, Brushed Nickel Finish

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  • Marble is much more expensive for shower cabin, but worth its price: it is durable, practical and is exceptionally beautiful. Each marble bathroom is unique because each piece of marble is unique color, texture and decoration. Acrylic is good looking but not very durable and more weight needs a special frame on which to anchor, but easily maintained even be scratched.

    I love baths, but I save them for the weekends when I have more time to stay and relax in the hot water for a long time. Just like me, most people have a short shower in the morning before going to work, so most homes now have a modern shower cabin instead of the bathtub. Shower cabins are perfect for those young busy men and women who are always on the run. But do not mistake a shower with a very simple thing. Today’s shower cabins are very modern and sophisticated and offer you a wide range of options like steam showers, waterfall , Turkish baths and even … chromatherapy.

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    A shower cabin with a contemporary look to give you many relaxing moments with its massage jets. Its sophisticated lines emphasise its components of wood and glass.

    The Savona steam shower cabin comes with the following features:

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    Did not know what to expect. This was to replace an old B & Q shower cabin that cost three times the cost of this one. First impressions was good solid quality, but I had to put it together first. I had never done anything like this before so took my time (2 days about 8 hours),had the video running all the time on iPad while putting it together. You will need someone to assist as it is heavy/quality. The back panels are all glass and not plastic. I used no silicone inside the cabin as I had an issue with mold in the last one. I only used silicone on the glass panel joints and on the base under the back panels. I did have to go and get some new screws when putting the metal frame together just found they rounded very easily but this was not a problem. I also had a small leak at the edge of the fame, a small amount of silicone sorted this. Overall I am VERY IMPRESSED with this shower cabin and the price was a steal. Looks great also and I would definitely recommend this shower cabin it's a cheap price for a quality product.

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Steam shower cabins are freestanding units. You need enough space for the steam shower unit, but should also allow free space to the sides and front. When installing the unit the water hoses (which are quite long) are connected to the back and then the steam shower is slid backwards into place. It is important that you leave enough space around the steam shower cabin to slide it out again for service access. Steam shower cabins are quite tall because they have fans built into the top to aid steam circulation and help the steam to clear after use - make sure your ceiling is high enough as you can't cut the cabin down to fit!