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Straight sided shower baths and L and P shaped styles to save space in your bathroom

The Original GORILLA GRIP (TM) Non-Slip Bath and Shower Mat Featuring Powerful Gripping Technology, Machine Washable, Fits Any Size Bath Tub (Clear: Rectangle 35" x 16")

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  • Ideal for saving space in any small bathroom and obtaining both the luxury of a bath and the convenience of a shower all at once, our shower baths offer you complete value for your money - be sure to view our .

    We favour sleek and elegant style and when you buy a shower bath from us you also get the highest quality into the bargain. We manufacture our shower baths from thick acrylic and ensure the strength of this acrylic by giving it three coatings of fibreglass and resin.

  • Our shower baths come in both L-shaped and P-shaped styles to blend into whatever space you have to work with in your bathroom. Our designers have also worked to increase the amount of space available around the head of our P-shaped baths and L-shaped baths, with ten per cent of extra room meaning that you have a lot more space to stretch out in whilst unwinding in your brand .

    The design of the manufacturing process also works to make our shower baths uniquely long lasting. Unlike some other shower bath manufacturers, we do not use diluted glue to bind our layers. This glue, after the prolonged exposure to warm water it would get from being used on a shower bath, can weaken, causing catastrophic damage to your P-shaped bath or L-shaped bath. Avoid this by buying from us, as we will provide you with a guarantee that is available for you to use within the next ten years. This is provided for absolutely free!

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    Freelance® shower baths from the KOHLER® Freelance Suite

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    Many people out there consider showers and baths to be luxuries. In comparison to less well off countries, you could well say that’s true. However, we want to bring the luxury to your bathroom in the form of a shower bath; a combination of a bath with a generous showering area for those who have an over-bath shower. This type of bath is ideal for homes where the bathroom is on the smaller side and a dedicated shower enclosure can’t be fitted. A shower bath provides ample space for a relaxing bath as well as a generous area to shower – available in both P and L shapes.

Shower Baths for your bathroom at The Crowborough Bath Shop

An invigorating shower is the perfect way to start the day and a sensual bath a great way to end it. Which is why our collection of shower baths are still considered . The versatility of the shower bath allows both these elements rolled into one, each providing an individual, practical and soothing experience.