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GOOF PROOF SHOWER KP-543 Kirb Perfect Curb

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  • When you have an acrylic or fiberglass shower basin without built-in weep holes the same technique applies. Depending on how your tile and shower door lay out you may choose to put the weep holes toward the front of the basin, entirely up to you.

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    It is made with acrylic reinforced with fiberglass resin and wooden panel. There are different models like square, rectangle, semi-arc, diamomd, and special shapes. We are able to manufacture different specifications with different designs.
    The tray diameter could be 40mm, 50mm, 60mm or 90mm.
    We accept OEM /ODM.

    1/, Acrylic shower tray with fiberglass board reinforced.
    2/, Size: 1380X930, high (80-150)mm or other size.
    3/, European style drainer: 50-60mm.

    1/, Modern style.
    2/, Easy installation.
    3/, Bear high or low temperature.
    4/, High anti-impact.
    5/, Competitive price.
    6/, Standard export packing.
    7/, OEM is acceptable.

  • Some tubs, and most acrylic shower basins, have these built into them. There is a spot about 3/4″ long that dips down from the plane of the edge and back up. It’s a dip in the edge of the tub or shower basin. When equipped with these built-in weep holes – DO NOT FILL THEM WITH CAULK! Everyone does that – they are there for a reason and no one seems to know what it is. They are weep holes. If you caulk them in it defeats the purpose of them – that will seal in the moisture.

    Basic tiling skills can be very useful in many home improvement projects, but some tiling projects can prove daunting for even experienced DIY'ers. Installing tile for a custom shower is one of those projects. That has often meant leaving the job of custom showers to the pros – until now. Now there are new preformed bases on the market that allow a “do-it-yourselfer” with basic tile skills and tools to install a custom shower. Join our host, Jeff Wilson, for a tutorial on installing a tileable shower basin in a custom bathroom.

    Unlimited possibilities for residential, condominiums & hotels


    With the shower basin in place, it is time to prep the shower walls for tile. In wet locations, such as the shower, it is necessary to use a concrete backer board as a substrate for the wall tile. The backer board is a cement-based product that provides a strong, waterproof foundation for ceramic tile, and it bonds very well with the thinset adhesive used to install the tile.


Back in Manhattan “The Little Apple,” Kansas, my ever-loving wife, “Penelope” (not her real name), and I had built a master bedroom suite with a marble tile shower. We found a place where we could order a cultured marble shower basin and I described the dimensions to the salesman over the phone because it was a couple of years B.E. (Before Email). It came in a big, heavy crate.