Do I Recommend The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Shower Gel?

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Naturally European Rose Petal Luxury Shower Gel, 500 Ml / 17 Oz

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  • I've sampled Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, but somehow never got around to purchasing a full tub — the "body conditioner" idea just doesn't work for me, somehow. I've sniffed the Rose Jam Bubbleroon in stores, but never brought one home, because I don't take baths all that often and anyway, the per-bath cost of Lush's bubble bars is a bit prohibitive. On the other hand, I scooped up a medium-size bottle of Rose Jam Shower Gel and I'm trying to restrain myself from a return visit to Lush to grab more, more more.

    This morning I went a bit crazy and washed my hair with Rose Jam in addition to using it all over my body. I probably wouldn't advise doing this every day (it could be drying to hair, despite the argan oil), but as an occasional treat, it works just fine (followed by conditioner). My hair is soft and clean and is giving off occasional whiffs of plummy rose. I know that Lush doesn't typically release full lines of "matching" products, but if they ever create a Rose Jam lotion and perfume (besides the one that came and went online as a one-time "forum release"), I'd be first in line. Of course, they'd also have to make Rose Jam Shower Gel into a full-time product.

  • It's no secret that I'm a rose-lover, as well as a longtime shopper, so there was little chance that I'd be able to ignore Lush's limited edition Rose Jam Shower Gel. Rose Jam's fragrance is an "indulgent blend of rose, vanilla and lemon leaves," the same blend that shows up in Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (cleverly named for Rowena, one of Lush's product inventors) and Rose Jam Bubbleroon (a solid, dissolvable bubble-bath treat). The ingredients for Rose Jam in its shower gel format include real rose absolute, Egyptian geranium oil, Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla pod infusion.

    Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel is available in 100g ($10.95), 250g ($19.95) and 500g ($29.95) bottles. For purchasing information, see the listing for .

    • 13.53 fl. oz. Japanese Rose Shower Gel

  • Rosewater Bath Shower Gel
    Item Description

    This luxurious cleansing gel leaves skin feeling soothed, refreshed, and scented with our enchanting Rosewater fragrance. Extracts of rosewater, peony, white magnolia, and elderflower help condition the skin.
    Fragrance: Captivating rosewater surrounded with light notes of violet, florals, and musk.


    Price: $28.95

    I was just thinking about going to Lush and checking out the Rose Jam shower gel. I just saw a post on Facebook from the Lush near me that they have it now. From your description it sounds right up my alley.

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isn’t celebrate amazingggggggg!? ;-D Twilight is nice, not my fav, but I LOVE celebrate 😀 and yeah, def agreed on Rose Jam Shower Gel it mellows out nicely but Ro’s Argan really lingers!