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Lush Decor Maria Shower Curtain, Red

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  • Need new Red shower curtains for your home? Check out the great selection from Zazzle! Spice up your bathroom with beautifully designed Red shower curtains with images, art, and pictures made by our artistic community. Protect your floor, and make yoru bathroom explode with life, with these great curtains.

    Are you a fanatic for old school Hollywood romance? Well, now you can bring that passion into your bathroom thanks to the Twinkle Red Ruffled Fabric Shower Curtain by Triangle Home Fashions. This bold Ruby Red shower curtain is rouched neatly with shiny Black Sequined ribbon. Imagine that you are the next Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as you slip behind your bright red shower curtain. While Dorothy wore her ruby red slippers, you can give your best performance behind the red curtain—as you lather up your locks. Do you long to have a shower curtain with as much pizzazz as you have yourself? Give yourself a taste of royalty with the Twinkle Red Ruffled Shower Curtain. Made from soft and lux fabric, this shower curtain is a far cry and improvement from the rubbery shower curtains of yesteryear. Transform your bathroom into a stylish and chic space that is full of bubbly pop. As the sequins grab the sunlight each morning you will have visions of the sparkling, glamorous life of a superstar. Would you love to transform your guest bathroom into a Marilyn Monroe inspired powder room? Bring a touch of her ruby red lips into the room with the addition of the Twinkle Red shower curtain.

  • Use curtain accents to complete the color scheme. If you've decorated your bathroom in neutrals or modern gray and white, a bright red shower curtain will pop and add a contemporary touch. Consider red shower curtain hooks or chrome ones for a finishing touch. For a kitchen with a red apple theme, use curtain hooks in the shape of apples to pull the curtains back to let the sun in, or consider country-flaired tie backs.

    While it is important to consider your current design, don't feel completely limited by the bathroom decor you presently have. You can mix styles, materials and genres — you just need to pick colors and patterns that complement the current space! For example, if you already have a colorful bathroom (think 1950s era pink and teal tile), don't try to compete. Pick a neutral color, but go for an interesting red fabric shower curtain texture or pattern, such as ruffles or embroidery. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your bathroom is more reminiscent of, say, a sterile lab than a room in a home, you could definitely use some decorative flair in the shower accessories department. Inject some energy into the space with a colorful, unique shower curtain or liven up the area with a themed piece, such as an octopus shower curtain. If your tub lacks sufficient sun, utilize a clear shower curtain to let in a little extra light and make the room feel larger.

  • Decorate with our red shower curtains that feature a pair of cherries hanging from a single stem to convey the innocence and sweet tanginess that cherries represent. We also have shower curtains that show three red strawberries splashing into a bowl of pink strawberry yogurt, creating a fresh and energetic mood in your bathroom that will get your day started right. We have many other designs for shower curtains, towels and bath mats that focus on the intensity of the color red.

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Remember, all shower curtains can be customized and personalized to your taste! We will work with you to create your dream design! What you see here are our basic Black on White designs. We do work with colored paints and on colored shower curtains.