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When shopping for a new rain shower head there are several things you should consider;

10"Rainfall Shower Head , YAWALL Ultra-thin Stainless Steel & High Polish Chrome,Luxury Durable Rain Showerhead,Rain Style & Waterfall Effect - Enjoy a Invigorating shower

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  • This new shower design from is guaranteed to bring you a genuine rain experience directly to your home. With an amazing look, the Big Rain shower will make you forget about your long day at work and just concentrate on the gentle cascading water. You can embed the shower in the bathroom ceiling or mount it below, either way it will seem that water is falling from an upper level. The fun thing is that you can play with the pressure of the water, which will create different sensations. There is no information on the price, but you can visit Dornbracht for ordering this product online here.

    This modern, walk-in rain shower is chic, unique and super luxurious. Who wouldn’t want a dip in this space? Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a shower that’s so delicate in feel, bold in style and luxurious in design?

  • bring extra comfort and sensations to your daily shower. PORCELANOSA Group rain showers have multiple functions that focus on well-being and relaxation: chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, etc. It is also possible to configure customised programmes based on the physiological needs or wishes of each user.

    The Korean film ‘’ replicates many scenes from Hwang’s "Rain Shower." The scene from the story where the boy and the girl avoid the rain shower together has become a favorite in many Korean romantic films (as depicted in Korean romantic comedy in 2001).

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    A rainfall shower head can be installed in the ceiling of the shower for a true rainfall experience. Another option, which achieves the same result, is to install the shower head high on the wall with a long arm extended at an angle so the water flows straight down, just like rain.

The 6" "Porcelain" Rain Shower Head

Transform your space into a spa-like retreat with a rainfall shower head and hand shower. Enhance the experience by adding adjustable body sprays.