5. Rainfall Showerhead with Filter

Rainshower Shower Filter - Alkaline Water Plus

RAINSHOWR-RCCQ-A CQ1000 Filter Replacement Cartridge for Shower Filter

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  • Shower filter Replacement cartridge for Hand Held shower filter HSF1, Wall Mounted Shower Filter WMF1 and Rain Shower Head Filter AUSUN (PRS1).. Lasts 10,000 gallons, or 1 year. Reduces chlorine 99%, reduces hydrogen sulfate, restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp. Eliminates water odor and chlorine taste. Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower. Fits Paragon hand-held and wall-mount shower filters. Easy no-hassle installation. Models: SFRC1, SFRC2 Filter Type: mix of KDF and proprietary media Also fits Paragon shower filters, Clean & Pure ( Clean and Pure ) shower filters, Culligan shower filters WSH-C125, HSH-C135, ISH-100 and RDSH-C115 Shower Units #WHR-140. Single

    Soothing spa-like shower is closer to you with this Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter. The raindisc filtered showerhead reduces 97 percent chlorine, sulfur odor and scale from water, providing better water for a better shower. This unit retro fits to any existing 1/2” threaded shower arm. Easy-to-install with no tools required. System tested and Certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177.

  • The Rainshower shower filter specially formulated KDF filter (Kinetic Degraded Fluxion: a high-purity copper-zinc alloy for removing residual chlorine, lead, iron and hydrogen sulfide in the water) which effectively removes 90% or more of chlorine from shower water. And it is the only Shower Filter to Include Crystalline Quartz Technology for an Energized Shower Experience!

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