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Impressit 25 Baby Girl Printable Shower Invitations/Birth Announcements 5" X 7"

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  • Only the cutest Angel themed printable baby shower invitations will do for your party! Here are 4 different colors of the Angel shower invitations.

    Printable baby shower invitations make much more sense. Usually only close family and friends attend a baby shower gathering so it is unlikely more than 20 invitations will be required. You can create and personalise your own invitations online and with interactive websites even view your own proof before you order. Printing your own baby shower invitations means you have no extra worries about whether the invitations will be printed correctly and no headaches about delivery. The beauty of printable baby shower invitations is you'll always have a copy of the artwork and the option to print as many baby shower invitations as you need, so if you run out you can always print more!

  • Free printable baby shower invitations and ideas to help you plan the perfect celebration! The printable templates on this page are a baby boy footprint style. They will print best if you use high quality card stock to print them on.

    So for many customers who like to shop online, printable invitations are becoming a more popular choice. For mums-to-be printable baby shower invitations are becoming the preferred choice when it comes to organising invites for baby showers. Mums-to-be have so much to organise before the arrival of a new baby and so many new purchases to make, printing your own baby shower invitations makes sense as it saves both time and money. In addition, you have the artwork so can print a copy for your baby's keepsake box and keep a copy on the computer for you as a memory and to show your baby in future years to come.

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    These free printable baby shower invitation interactive templates are easy to use. Just download and open the file in Adobe Reader. Highlight the text you wish to change using the text tool, and press "control" and "e" at the same time. This will bring up a tool palette in which you can use to change the fonts, font sizes, alignment, font colors, etc... Simply type your new invitation wording and change it to suit your style and needs!

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Home computers and printers can now be purchased at affordable prices and there are many websites which provide printable baby shower invitations templates which can be personalised online and the artwork downloaded. Some even offer printable baby shower invitations which can be downloaded for free. Most websites have professional designs and home printers can produce great results.