Suited only for low pressure systems, this power shower also prov...

A thermostatic power shower offering a tremendous flow rate and a...

Nathan Power Shower Refreshing Body Wipes

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  • For modern style and superior performance, all at an affordable cost, there aren’t too many better than the fantastic Triton AS2000X manual power shower.

    Durable & Innovative Shower Design
    With the main unit you’ll also find a complete range of accessories, including a fantastic multi-function shower head. Featuring five individual spray patterns, you can really pick and choose your perfect settings to create the perfect shower experience for you. Its wipe clean too, so you won’t need to worry about limescale build up either. So, just as with the rest of the Mira Vigour Thermostatic power shower kit, this has very much been manufactured to the highest possible, just as you’d come to expect from one of the leading innovators in shower design.

  • Electric showers give a weaker shower then mixer showers. They have to heat cold water to the correct temperature in a very short space of time, they are like a very high powered kettle. The higher the kilowatt rating of the electric shower, the more quickly it can heat the water and the stronger the shower you will experience. However, even the most powerful electric showers (10.8kw) will not be anywhere near as powerful as quality mixer showers with good water pressure.

    Power Showers are simply mixer showers with a built in pump. If you have a combi-boiler or a high pressure (unvented) hot water system then you probably don't need anything more than a standard mixer shower. If you have low hot water pressure then a power shower may be a good solution. Although a thermostatic mixer shower with a dedicated external shower pump will give you more water flow if you want a really strong shower.

    A power shower is similar to a mixer shower but has the shower pump built in which increases the rate of water flow through the shower head thereby adding an extra boost to your showering experience. They require a hot and cold water supply which must be above the shower pump to prevent the intake of air in the system. Bristan have a selection of thermostatic power showers that will guarantee a luxurious shower every time..

  • Best power shower brands
    Brand Reliability Customer score Build quality Ease of achieving required water strength Ease of achieving required water temperature Stability of temperature when water is used elsewhere Value for money
    90% 83%
    72% 89%
    64% 72% - -

    The main benefit of an electric shower is that you only need a cold water supply. If you have a tank fed system with low water pressure and you don't want to go to the expense of a power shower or mixer shower with a dedicated pump then it can be a good choice. If you are replacing an existing electric model and don't want to go to the expense of ripping out the tiles and putting in new plumbing for a hot water feed then they are the way to go.

Suited only for low pressure systems, this power shower also prov...

Compact & Stylish Modern Power Shower
The compact shower unit provides a contemporary design that perfectly combines style and practicality to create something quite special. As a power shower the AS2000X offers an incredibly indulgent and invigorating shower experience. The shower itself is controlled by a straightforward dial, which can adjust both temperature and water pressure in order to create the best possible experience for you. It also features a simple start/stop button, which gives a straightforward control at the beginning and end of your shower.