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Suited only for low pressure systems, this power shower also prov...

Nathan Power Shower Refreshing Body Wipes

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  • Power Showers work in the same way as mixer showers, combining hot and cold water. Powers showers uk however do have an inbuilt shower pump. Our range of powershowers come from top brands at great trade prices.

    The water system in your house determines the type of shower installation you can have in your bathroom. If you have a gravity fed system, one that uses hot water cylinders and cold-water cisterns, you are indeed lucky. You can have any of the three popular types, namely the mixer shower, an electric shower or a power shower. If your cold water comes from the mains or you have a combination boiler, you have to choose between an electric and mixer shower since you cannot fix a pump on those. An electric shower comprises a heating element, similar to the one in kettles that heat the water as it passes through it. You get to set the water temperature by regulating the speed of the water passing through the element. Make sure to leave sufficient room for servicing and maintenance as you install the unit with the shower enclosures. A typical unit costs about $100, with the high-end model going for about $500. However, you should factor in the costs of plumbing and electrical work that could total up to about $700. Thermostatic mixer showers require water supplies from both the hot and cold plumbing system, and they should be near both water tanks. Without a water pump, you get decent water pressure and flow rate when the distance between the shower and the bottom of the reservoir when getting a new shower installed.

  • This manual power shower combines a mixer and integral pump in one to deliver a superb flow rate of up to 14 litres per minute. An easy to clean 5 spray pattern shower head enables you to experience the full luxury of power showering. This thermostatic power shower is suitable only for gravity-fed low pressure systems and is not suitable for combi boilers. A hot and cold water supply is required.

    Power showers are somewhere between the regular mixer shower and an electric shower. Also known as a pumped showers they offer a middle ground solution for households with low water pressure. This type of shower has a built-in electrical pump in order to increase the flow rate by providing a stronger jet of water, which in turn makes the showering experience much more invigorating. This increased flow of water makes them a popular choice for those who seek relaxation and a massage-type effect from their shower. They rely on a tank-fed, gravity based water system in order to increase the pressure and provide a refreshing shower.

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    Suited only for low pressure systems, this power shower also provides an outstanding flow rate of up to 14 litres per minute, but with manual temperature control. Other key features include a push button start/stop button, so your favourite shower setting can be selected every time as well as an adjustable maximum temperature stop, which helps reduce the risk of accidentally turning the temperatures too high.

Rainshow'r Bernoulli Water Saving Power Shower Head (Polished Chrome)

A lot of power showers offered by Plumbworld incorporate eco-settings to help you maintain your green credential. While it does use more water than an electric shower; they do in fact pull back some points with a variety of eco functions which allow the user to decrease power if required. There are also features built into a lot of shower heads which provide further water saving settings; especially useful if you want to save money without sacrificing a quality showering experience.