"Jasmine" PEVA Shower Curtain with Built-in Hooks

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LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA Shower Curtain Liner, 72x72 Clear - Non Toxic, No Odor

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  • By Appointmnet Excell Fashion Peva Shower Curtain In The Flowers.
    70" x 72" Teal
    Chlorine Free / PVC / Designer Inspired / Metal Grommets
    100% Non Chlorinated Vinyl

    Embossed PEVA Shower Curtain with Built in Hooks is a fun, clean addition to any bathroom-dorm bathrooms especially. Made of durable, heavy weight (5 gauge) PEVA material, this curtain lacks both PVC and the Chlorine that tends to give vinyl curtains an unseemly chemical smell. PEVA is inherently resistant to mildew and mold and wipes clean easily. And speaking of easy, this curtain's built in hooks make installing or removing completely pain free.

  • Our "Clean Home" PEVA Shower Curtain Liner is absolutely top of the line, providing your shower curtain maximum protection. One of the heaviest liners on the market (10 gauge), this standard-sized liner (72'' x 72'') is made of environmentally-friendlier PEVA material. PEVA does not contain PVC (chlorine), nor the chemical smells associated with traditional vinyl liners. PEVA is inherently mildew/mold resistant and easily wipes clean. Additionally, this liner has a weighted hem to hold it in place and rust-proof metal grommets along top to prevent tearing. (You wouldn't even need a shower curtain!) You can find our Clean Home liners in white, frosty clear, ivory, or super clear.

    Go green with this eco-friendly, frost 5-Gauge PEVA One PLANET Hookless HBH16SND0974 shower curtain! A responsible alternative to PVC, PEVA is manufactured without chlorine, a harmful substance for the environment. It's lightweight and easy to clean, waterproof and treated with an anti-microbial finish for safety. It's perfect for eco-conscious bed and breakfasts, hotels, timeshares, and other overnight oases. The innovative Hookless top increases efficiency, saving housekeeping labor, time, and cost while maintaining your guests' bathrooms. This shower curtain hangs in seconds; just thread your existing shower curtain rod through the patented Flex-On rings at the top, and you're done! The matching flat Flex-On rings are guaranteed to deliver long-term durability and, like the rest of this Hookless PEVA shower curtain, are hand washable.

    This Hookless PEVA shower curtain comes complete with weighted corner magnets help hold the shower curtain in place and keep water from splashing out, while a unique stitch-free ultrasonic hem at the bottom of the shower curtain allows water to run off easily, reducing the chance for mold and mildew formation.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Width: 71"
    Height: 74"

  • Compared to other environmentally-friendly curtain choices, PEVA shower curtains are very affordable. They cost around $30-$45 and assure a non-toxic and chemical-free environment. These curtains are also very easy to clean and are absolutely not heavy. The best places to buy them are and . These product sites boast the best light-weight and waterproof PEVA shower curtains.

PEVA Shower Curtain Liner | Blair

WalMart has a white opaque PEVA shower curtain liner for about $2.27. I recycle old vinyl shower curtain liners as table protectors under plants on a wooden dining table on our 3-season porch. They protect the table surface from moisture perfectly, but I wonder if the new PEVA type will do the same if they’re biodegradable?