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Flawless peacock feathers Watercolor painting Bathroom Shower Curtain, Shower Rings Included 100% WaterProof Polyester Fabric 60" x 72" Bath Shower Curtain

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  • One thing all peacock shower curtains have in common is that surreal blue that looks so pretty you might even think it’s fake. Well, if you’ve ever seen a peacock, you know that it is not fake. They actually are that beautiful. That would make an excellent accent color. Please don’t go wild with that vibrant blue and just plaster the room with it. Don’t have the blue walls, the blue accessories, and the blue vanity. It’s way too much. Instead, you want most to your room to be a neutral tone and you want to use vibrant colors a little more sparingly.

    That peacock server sets the tone for your color scheme. Whenever you pick out a color scheme, you want to think about the room and what’s going to go in it. With the peacock shower curtain that decision is made for you. That shower curtain has a ton of colors and you want to pull every color out of that. Every piece and color choice should be centered around that curtain. There’s no reason to have fire engine red in your peacock bathroom.

  • Beautiful Peacock Shower Curtain - Hotstyle Peacock Feather Bathroom Shower Curtains Polyester Waterproof 66 Wide x 72 High. Amazon $44. Would make beautiful wall hanging.

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  • Peacock shower curtains make a bold statement. In any bathroom that they are used in, they should be the main focal point. Some peacock shower curtains will have just feathers all over the curtain. Others will have a large bird and the range of feathers in the background. Some will just take a few colors out of the feathers and create a pattern that gives the sense of a peacock, but no actual peacock is there. All of these are pronounced statement for a shower curtain and shouldn’t have to compete with any other element of your room as the dominant focal point.

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Peacock shower curtain can be the best motif for your bathroom curtain. Peacock motif makes your bathroom looks perfect with many ornaments and unique motif that will catch your eyes. It is also has good advantages in order to make your bathroom time getting comfortable.