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Formverket Octopus - Shower and gel shampoo holder, red

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  • All too often, the bathroom interior can take on a rather industrial and cold appearance. That’s why a little color and even humor rarely goes amiss when looking for decorative and functional accessories to go with your bathroom decor. This octopus hanging shower caddy by Formverket is just such an example of what I mean and fulfils two roles in one.

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  • The eight-armed octopus shower caddy is the creation of the Swedish design company Formverket, trademark of Jens Widerberg, which combines simplicity and functionality so inherent in Scandinavian design.

    If you’ve been searching far and wide for a cute shower caddy that doesn’t rust or let you down perhaps you haven’t been looking deep enough. This creature from the deep seas, unlike the typical rusty shower caddy, belongs the water. The Octopus Shower Caddy gives you a hand (or eight) and holds all of your shampoo and body soap bottles. Use his tentacles to store your bottles upside down so you can use every last drop. Available in red, blue, green, black and yellow, the Octopus shower caddy is made of waterproof PVC.

  • Sorry. We know we said the greatest thing about this was that there’s no more wastage, but we were wrong. The greatest thing about the Octopus Shower Caddy is probably the amount of fun you can have with it in the shower—Russell Brand demonstrated this on the Rachael Ray show.

Ha! Check Out This Funny Octopus Shower Caddy! | Glamour

If you want to keep your shower humorously organized, then you need a cool new Octopus Shower Caddy. This octopus hangs from the showerhead and has eight, er, make that nine adjustable tentacle loops that hang onto all your various bottles and other assorted showering accessories. Best of all, this clever bathroom cephalopod will hold your shampoo and conditioner bottles upside-down, so they're always ready to dispense without all the shaking.