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New Moen Shower Valve Installed

Moen 2510 Monticello PosiTemp 1/2-Inch IPS Valve

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  • The set of two white plastic pieces, called the temperature limit stop kit, provide a scald guard feature on some Moen shower valves. If you have very hot water and are concerned that kids using that shower may be scalded, the scald guard is a great feature.

    A Moen shower valve cartridge contains working parts that can go bad over time, so replacing them can resolve various issues. When a pressure balanced Moen shower valve is either leaking or not balancing the hot and cold water correctly, replacing the cartridge can often fix the problem.

  • Genuine Moen Shower Valve Parts. NYRPCorp stocks a large selection of Moen shower body repair and replacement parts. Whether you need Moen ceramic cartridges, diverters, extensions, face plates, handles, handle adapters, limit stops, pressure balancing cartridges, rebuild kits, single lever cartridges, thermostatic cartridges, transfer valve cartridges or any other parts we have the Moen parts to repair all your Moen showers.

    Tools Used:

    • Pipe Cutter
    • Propane Torch
    • Pipe Wrench
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Tape Measure


    Materials Used:

    • Moen Shower Valve
    • ½" Male Adapters
    • ½" Copper Pipe
    • Silver Solder, Flux


How to Repair a Moen Shower/Tub valve - YouTube