Modern Shower Curtain Mid Century Modern Shower by crashpaddesigns

Modern Shower Curtain Mod Shower Curtain by crashpaddesigns

InterDesign Abstract Fabric Shower Curtain, 72 x 72, Stone/White

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  • You have to avoid also a stark look by choosing modern shower curtain with interesting textures. You know you can rely on silk. It is timeless and can provide a bit of sheen and lend luxury to the decoration of your bathroom. You can also use sheer cotton to be one of some ideas. It is about as classic as it comes for curtains which will maximize the effect by allowing the fabric to drape. You can also use natural materials like linen, bamboo or grass cloth to provide the ultimate in texture for your modern shower curtain.

    Cotton and linen shower curtains are comprised of natural fabrics and come in a variety of colors, prints, weaves and thicknesses. They look beautiful, feel softer than synthetic materials and are considered to be highly eco-friendly. However, these modern shower curtains are more expensive and pretty much the opposite of water repellant — they absorb water quickly and take a long time to dry — which makes them the perfect host for mold and mildew if they are not cared for properly and consistently. Lastly, one word of caution — if you’re a fan of candles in the bathroom, it might be best to stay away from these materials as they are highly flammable!

  • Shower curtain liner dimensions are determined the same way modern shower curtains are; typically, you’ll simply need a liner that’s the exact same size as your curtain!

    While it is important to consider your current design, don't feel completely limited by the bathroom decor you presently have. You can mix styles, materials and genres — you just need to pick colors and patterns that complement the current space! For example, if you already have a colorful bathroom (think 1950s era pink and teal tile), don't try to compete. Pick a neutral color, but go for an interesting fabric shower curtain texture or pattern, such as ruffles or embroidery. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your bathroom is more reminiscent of, say, a sterile lab than a room in a home, you could definitely use some decorative flair in the shower accessories department. Inject some energy into the space with a colorful, unique shower curtain or liven up the area with a themed piece, such as an octopus shower curtain. If your tub lacks sufficient sun, utilize a modern clear shower curtain to let in a little extra light and make the room feel larger.

  • Modern Marrakesh Shower Curtain
    If you're looking for some stylish and intriguing decorations for your bathroom, this amazing and unique shower curtain might be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

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Vinyl shower curtains are durable, long-lasting, inexpensive, fade-resistant and low maintenance. The material is soft to the touch and modern vinyl shower curtains come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns, making them popular choices for kids bathrooms. The few cons you should consider? If you do not purchase a curtain with reinforced grommets, the vinyl can tear easily, and many people consider the vinyl alternatives to only be “semi” green. Vinyl is also the ideal material for modern shower curtain liners given its water repelling properties.