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Quick Dry Hanging Caddy and Bath Organizer with 6-pocket, Hang on Shower Curtain Rod / Liner Hooks, Shower Organizer, Mesh Shower Caddy, Bathroom Accessories, Save Space in Small Bathroom Tub with 4 Rings

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  • If you're looking for homemade gift ideas or just want to make your life a little easier, this Mesh Shower Caddy is for you. This DIY shower caddy will keep your bathroom organized and your products handy. Follow the tutorial to learn how to sew a cute hanging shower caddy that you can customize just for you. Waterproof shower caddies like this one are essential for anyone who travels frequently or for a new college student adjusting to dorm life. You'll be amazed at how easily this DIY shower caddy will de-clutter your bathroom.

    Picking the material your shower caddy is made of is important too. While most shower caddies are made to resist rust, hold your items, and remain secure in your shower, you still need to be aware of what the caddy is made from to make sure it fits your bathroom decor, your shower accessories, and is a quality product. A is a popular material because stainless steel does not rust. These shower caddies look great and last a long time, so they usually cost a little more. Another popular metal caddy is a . Chrome caddies look great because the metal chrome is very slick and shiny. However, lots of chrome shower caddies are made by putting a thin layer of chrome over another cheaper metal. This is great because it makes the shower caddy more affordable. The down side is that your chrome may get a crack in it over time and allow water to get to the metal under the chrome and could lead to rusting. This is not a major concern though since it may take years for your chrome to develop a crack or seam in it, the chrome caddies are affordable to replace every few years, and the rust is pretty easy to remove if it does ever develop. There is also a brass shower caddy, and a nickel shower caddy. Brass should not rust since there is no iron in it, but it may tarnish and need cleaned. Nickel plated shower caddies should behave similar to the way chrome caddies do. There is an alternative to metal caddies though. A is made of plastic, which does not rust at all. These caddies do great in a shower because they cannot rust since they are not metal. A lot of plastic is also made very strong and sturdy so that it may be as stable as a metal caddy. Plastics are also very cheap, so a plastic shower caddy may be very affordable. The down side to a plastic shower caddy is that they may not last as long as metal because they can break or chip, and they may not look as nice as a metal shower caddy. There are also other materials such as a Mesh Shower Caddy, or Cloth Shower Caddy, which are often bags that hang in the shower that you place your items in.

  • Whether you’re living in a dorm, away at a camp, hitting the gym or traveling for work or pleasure, carrying your essentials to and from the shower should be a simple task, and it can be when you have this Mesh Shower Caddy with you. This high quality bathroom accessory and storage solution will make it possible to keep your toiletries organized and easily accessible with the utmost of ease.

    This Mesh Shower Caddy includes seven storage pockets with six exterior slip pockets and a deeper central compartment. The spacious design allows you to store all types of toiletries and keep bottles upright to avoid spills. A pair of ultra durable, rip resistant handles allow for easy, comfortable carrying to the bathroom. Inside the shower, the handles can be used to hang the caddy and keep it off of the floor and other hard surfaces.

  • Between shampoo and conditioner and body wash, the corners of my bathtub are crammed full of bottles. Not to mention the face cloths and razors. Deby from So Sew Easy shows how you can make this mesh shower caddy to keep your shower clutter free. The pockets in the hanging organizer will hold the bottles of shampoos and body wash and scrubby poufs that you use in the shower. The mesh allows the water to drip out, and straps will hang it from your shower curtain rod or hooks.

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Available in the blue stylish color, the Mesh Shower Caddy is the perfect solution for college students, frequent travelers and fitness enthusiasts. Order yours today and simplify your shower time routine and enjoy years of use from this revolutionary design!