Oft times young men will shower together as a form of male bonding.

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  • He is the Ideal Man. Created by – or at least shamelessly propped up by – the advertising industry. For nearly every single product that is marketed towards men, he is there: the heterosexual Adonis who, dressed in nothing more than a tiny white towel, explains what type of shaving cream and soda men should get to attain ultimate maleness.

    After being in the Army, the shower is the most un-sexy place I would imagine looking at someone… believe it or not, most gay guys aren’t looking at straight men shower. At least I wasn’t… get in, get wet, get soapy, get rinsed, get out.

  • There’s only so much a girl can take when other factors in her life are already trying her patience and Isabelle had been teetering on the point of saying “fuck it!” for some time now. Something always seemed to hold her back, common sense most likely, and this had gotten her out of numerous scrapes before now. However, when she thought about the prospect of what she was about to entertain doing, her prudence turned a swift 180 and threw her a bone. It made sense to vacate the women’s locker room as there was no freaking hot water goddamnit and no amount of screaming at the desk skivvy until red in the face was going to change that cold, harsh reality. Moreover, it made sense to locate the nearest available working steam jet and step right under it, regardless of whether or not it was deemed acceptable. She had been coming to Hard Bodies for over three years now and had the floor plan well and truly down to pat. Mere yards from the female locker room was its male equivalent and common sense made no bones about the relevancy of its location. This was a unisex establishment and, judging by the funk of testosterone that hung in the lobby air, men needed showers too.

    Of course, this is not to say that gay men should go out of their way to make their straight gym buddies uncomfortable: In the context of sports, the locker room is a kind of office, and players like Sam should conduct themselves with professionalism. (By all accounts, he has been doing so.) Similarly, a mixed gym is public space, and behavior there should hew to the platonic side of things. (Gay gyms are a different ball game.)

  • The market wants gay and straight men to shower together. Heck, the market wants video of them showering together. Slow motion video. With lots of steam.

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In any locker room, all men -- straight, bisexual and gay -- look at one another. They size each other up, comparing their bodies and penis sizes with those of other men. And some of the gay and bisexual men will go home and masturbate to some of the mental snapshots they captured while looking at you in the locker room.