Boston Transit Map PEVA 72-Inch x 72-Inch Shower Curtain

Shower curtain features the officially licensed MBTA Transit Map of Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Transit Map Shower Curtain

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  • A few weeks ago, I was just sitting all innocently at my computer when an email popped up. A potentially life-changing email. OK, so not really life-changing, but still pretty awesome. It was from a company called Izola Shower. And they wanted to know if I’d like to have an MBTA shower curtain. Would I like to have an ?! Um, did they even have to ask?? Well, they probably did so they could have my shipping address. But other than that, they did not have to ask.

    But I do enjoy staring at my daily commute in the bathroom. Probably mostly because I don’t have a daily commute. Seriously though, I love my new MBTA shower curtain and think it’s definitely a necessity for every Boston girl. Now. Where should we go next?!?! I’ll map it out.

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    MBTA Map Shower Curtain: $29.00

  • MBTA Map Shower Curtain: $29.00

Boston Transit Map PEVA Shower Curtain - Izola