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Magnetic Shower Curtain Liner 70

My Stunning Abode PEVA Shower Curtain Liner with 6 Bottom Magnets and Reinforced Grommets - Clear

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  • The Ex-Cell Home Fashions Deluxe Magnet Shower Curtain Liner will make a difference in your bathroom. It is treated with anti-bacterial agent to ensure safety. The vinyl construction provides super soft feel. The end grommets are made of reinforced plastic. This Ex-Cell Home Fashions Deluxe Magnet Shower Curtain Liner includes 3 magnets to hold the liner to the tub.

    Prevent water from escaping during showering with this straightforward solution that requires no tools to install. The Magnetic Shower Curtain Holder creates a magnetic seal to trap water inside the shower or tub, preventing leaks, puddles and other dangerous, slippery messes. Perfect for parents, the shower curtain holder works with most curtains or liners to prevent costly water damage to floors, walls and other bathroom fixtures by keeping water contained and floors dry, no matter who is using the shower.

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