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DreamLine Aqua Fold 33.5 in. Width, Frameless Hinged Shower Door, 1/4" Glass, Chrome Finish

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  • A hinged shower door can be fully framed, semi-frameless or frameless. Hinges clamp a sheet of toughened safety glass, either 6mm, 8mm or 10mm in thickness, suspending the glass shower door within an aluminium outer frame, from a further sheet of toughened glass or directly from a wall. Hinged shower doors mostly open outwards although some semi-frameless shower door ranges include inward opening products. The opening on a hinged shower door is slightly larger than that of an equivalent pivot shower door because the glass hinges from the edge rather than pivoting from a point 100 to 150mm in from the outer frame.

    Hinged shower doors can be combined with further inline or side panels to create larger shower enclosures. The width of a hinged shower door is restricted by the weight handling capacity of the hinges. The largest framed shower doors are usually no wider than 900mm and frameless doors, due to the increased weight of thicker glass, do not normally exceed 800mm although a third hinge can be used for extra support allowing widths up to 900mm. Semi-frameless shower doors always consist of a door hinged from a small fixed inline glass panel and this arrangement allows for widths up to and including 1400mm to be accommodated.

    Popular sizes available for framed and semi-frameless hinged shower doors are listed below. Frameless hinged shower doors are generally bespoke products and specifications will be available from individual manufactures.

  • Hinged shower doors are usually installed on a standing or corner type of showers. These types of doors are not set in a track so they open like a door opens. Imagine having a shower door that no longer jumps off its track or refuses to close.

    Hinged shower doors are the most common forms of shower doors in the United States. They are typically hard-wearing and require little maintenance so most owners understand they are investing in peace of mind. Wouldn’t that be better than the extra time that you spend on trying to adjust?

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