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This heavy duty shower curtain liner is resistant to typical mildew build-up.

Premium Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain - Anti-bacterial 10-Gauge Heavy-Duty Curtain - Waterproof and Water-Repellent - 72x72 Inch - Clear

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  • Heavy Duty Weighted Shower Curtains are available to fit all available ADA and . For a complete shower package, consider purchasing the accompanying .

    Heavy duty vinyl shower curtains and cubicle curtains are flat with grommets at the heading spaced every 6". Select a curtain size at least 10% wider than your track size.

  • These heavy duty weighted shower curtains come in a snowy white color and are flame, stain, static, and odor resistant, antimicrobial, and very durable. This vinyl shower curtain is an economical choice and the perfect addition to any accessible or standard shower.

    The Symple Stuff Heavy Duty Vinyl Shower Curtain / Liner is an excellent combination of versatility and functionality. This elegant shower curtain will add a touch of simplicity to your bathroom decor. The solid pattern of the curtain blends with any kind of bathroom interiors and provides a neat and clean look.

    The Stall Size Heavy Duty Vinyl Shower Curtain / Liner by Symple Stuff is crafted from vinyl promising long life and excellent performance. It is available in multiple colors, letting you choose the one that best suits your home decor. The curtain looks great even when hanged by itself and protects your fancy and rich curtains, if used as a liner. The stitch reinforced hook holes make it easy to hang and prevent your curtain from tearing for a long time. The shower curtain provides an impermeable barrier to water with the heavy duty material. The waterproof feature keeps the water in the bathtub and gives you the perfect personal time during your shower routine. The grommets provide excellent compatibility with most of curtain rods.

    The shower curtain is a perfect addition to any bathroom. The curtain keeps alive the essence of your bathroom and promises exceptional functionality for a long time.

    Heavy Duty Shower Curtain - White 200cm x 180cm Heavy Duty Shower Curtain - White 200cm x 180cm
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  • Vinyl Heavy Duty Shower Curtain
    This universal shower curtain will bring you the greatest convenience together with simple and functional design. Check it out and take a step to protect your bathroom from flooding in the best possible way!

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Heavy Duty Roller Shower Curtain Rings, Oil Rubbed Bronze Clipperton RollerRings®, Set of 12. If you put both liner and decorative curtain on these, harder to remove liner for washing...