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floating shower bench

17"x17"x24" Triangular Innovis Better-Bench

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  • This unique bolt mounting system is designed for use with the Adjustable Better Bench (BB-ADJR) to achieve a floating shower bench that is completely free of any visible end supports.

    Sleek white master bath shower features white beveled subway tile surround fitted with a Moen 90 Degree Chrome 1-Handle Shower Faucet Trim Kit with Rain Showerhead alongside a marble floating shower bench.

  • Contemporary bathroom features an Arctic Pear Chandelier hanging over a freestanding tub next to a walk in shower. Walk in shower boasts walls clad in white and gray chevron tiles lined with a white floating shower bench over a white and gray mosaic tiled floor.

    Shower bench
    A common complaint in a shower is standing water on a shower bench, that always leads to mold and soap scum build up. The solution was in a simple design that used two stainless steel bars across the width of the shower that would act as the support for the floating shower bench. The steel tubes were placed before the tile went up to ensure that they were water tight. The back tube was set 3/8″ higher than the front tube to encourage the water to drain off of the bench. The back tube and the concrete bench were also set off of the back of the shower wall to allow water to flow off of either side of the bench. The concrete bench was made with an 3″ thick apron edge on both sides to conceal the steel tubes and also give the slab a thick, bold look.

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    Floating shower bench

    I've done many bathroom remodels, and when asked for a shower bench, have always built a frame, with plywood, over which cement board is installed. I was recently on a job, working in another part of the house. The client was having the shower redone by another contractor. He installed a triangular stone bench seat in the corner, with no support brackets or framing below. The bench was floating. He said that it was held in place by the tile above and below. Does this work? It looks much nicer and would cut down installation time. I've always left a 1/8" gap at all transitions, filled with caulk. I sure wouldn't want to rely on the caulk supporting the weight of the bench and it's occupant. I've torn out too many showers that were grouted in the corners, and at the bottom where tile meets tub or shower base, to know that the grout cracks over time. I've gone back and checked tile jobs I've done over a decade ago, and the caulk still looks great. If I don't grout between tile and bench seat, what exactly would hold it in place? Just some thinset buttered on the edges? I have my doubts, but the tilesetter told me he's been doing it for years without any problems. Anyone done it this way before?

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    how do you install a floating shower bench?

    Hello! This is my first post so bear with me if I write something in the wrong way. I wanted to know how to install a shower seat/bench that is open underneath? I am open to using a solid stone slab or have a bench built and tiled. I don't really want anything where you can see a metal bracket underneath. This will be in back of a tiled shower with 3 supporting walls.

    Also, if you have any thoughts on RedGard... I have seen it online but I don't know if I would trust something painted on.

    I am asking to try and educate myself a little before I hire a contractor... no I am not doing this myself.


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