Mira Orbis (9.0kW/9.8kW/10.8kW) Electric Shower White

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Electric Instant Hot Water Shower Head Heater 110V 120V Tankless Pool Cabin

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  • The table below reveals customer scores, reliability scores and star ratings for the biggest electric shower brands - Aqualisa, Mira and Triton. You can use the scores to see how one brand stacks up against another.

    To find out which shower brand is best, we asked electric shower owners to rate key aspects of their shower. These include how easy it is to get the right water temperature and how stable the temperature is if someone uses mains water elsewhere in your home. This allows us to compare Mira with Triton (bought by 34% of people) and Aqualisa (7%).

  • The majority of people we surveyed (48%) have an electric shower from Mira. But just because a company's popular, that doesn't necessarily mean it's any good.

    We’ve asked 1,732 Which? members to tell us about their electric showers, so we can help you to choose between big electric shower brands Aqualisa, Mira and Triton.

    Triton ASPIRANTE 9.5KW GLOSS BLACK Electric Shower +++ Triton ASPIRANTE 9.5KW GLOSS BLACK Electric Shower +++
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    Electric showers generally range from 8.5kw to 10.5kw. As the wattage increases so does the amount of water the shower can heat as it passes through the element.

Find an electric shower that's designed for the vulnerable user.

My initial reaction to this shower head (which I tried in Costa Rica in about ten different versions as I hopped from house to hotel to house) was that it would never work in a cold country like Canada. Why? Because the water coming out my tap in Toronto is about 4C or 39F for much of the year, and even washing your hands in water that cold is extremely uncomfortable. If you have to heat water for washing your hands, why bother with the extra hardware of an electric shower fitting?