I have really dry skin after showering..?

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  • Most individuals complain of dryness of the skin, especially after they have a shower. As a matter of fact, when you have a shower, the skin loses its natural hydration and becomes more prone to dryness and scaling. According to American Dermatology Academy, showering removes the natural oils on the skin, which are meant to protect the skin from drying. Other causes associated with dry skin after showering include low humidity, winter and aging.

    The other possible reason for red and dry skin after shower is excessive use of bath soaps. Most bath soaps contain chemicals, which can be harmful to the skin and result in dryness of the skin. Further, some individuals may be allergic to these chemicals, which may trigger a mild inflammatory response in the skin, causing the skin to appear red and inflamed.

  • Many people suffer from dry skin, which is often aggravated after a shower. While showering itself may contribute to loss of hydration of the skin, there are several other faulty showering habits that may also contribute to the problem. This article provides a brief insight into the causes of dry skin after shower and how to manage this problem naturally at home. These tips are simple to follow and can be useful at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

    Prevention ensures you can avoid some of the complications of dry itchy skin after showering when you are vulnerable to infections. The humid environment of your bathroom is the ideal setting for bacteria to develop. Simple tips can help you prevent dry itchy skin after showering before it occurs.

  • Dry facial skin after shower is a common problem for women with dry skin. In most cases, it is a temporary condition and can be treated with proper skin-care regime. This article provides more information regarding the necessary measures to be taken to tackle the problem.

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