Dog shower built in a garage/basment

Give your best buddy an amazing hangout! [Design: Artistic Renovations of Ohio] DOG SHOWER

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  • Hi, very nice dog shower. I was just curious if you poured 18 inches of cement or if you used a base to make it higher.
    Thank you for your reply

    This dog shower is on the first floor above a full basement, so it’s raised off the floor with framing, plywood floor, then a normal “shower” pan installation.

  • Well golly, this reader project gets the award for ingenious — and adorable. When they remodeled their laundry room, noodled how to best use some additional space. They didn’t need a laundry sink — so instead, they added shower for their dogs Reelee and Maeybe. Not only is their dog shower adorable — and useful — but I also love the retro style tile they put into the laundry room — they designed it using. (Mavericks’ colors?) As usual as with all our projects here on Retro Renovation, some of their contractor dudes thought they were crazy. But oh my gosh, it turned out great! Read on, Natalie sent me a bunch of great photos and details on the project –>

    Obviously cost can range all over the place depending on the materials, size and fixtures. For a custom built-in dog shower like this one you’re looking at $2,000 to $3,000 including all materials and labor. You could build a much cheaper version using a fiberglass shower base and some waterproof wall material like fiberglass.

    Lucky dog Luthringshausen designed a dog shower for the mudroom that has several uses. The basin is made from smaller squares of the same highly durable tumbled limestone floor tiles used in the rest of the room. The shower has proven to be convenient for hosing off muddy boots and sweaty soccer players.
    An extra-deep toe kick under the sink holds the dogs’ bowls when not in use.

  • Then I started googling and brainstorming. What could I do with all this space?! We have two corgi mixes and I (although Graham would say differently) plan on having dogs our whole lives. Anyhow, I thought maybe a big utility room sink would work, but I didn’t really have any use for one. I don’t soak anything and if I do, I do that in the washing machine. Then I remembered that my Aunt and Uncle have a cute little half shower in their laundry room. They’ve never owned a dog in that house, so they use it for umbrellas, cleaning shoes, cleaning large kitchen items, and dirty grand-kiddos. That was it. A dog shower!

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The size of a dog shower really depends on the size of your dog. For the project I mentioned above the homeowner had a Dalmatian which is about 30″ long so we went with a 36 inch wide and 36 inch deep shower plan.