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DIY Cowboy Shower or …. Hot Magic

Custom American West Rodeo Cowboy Waterproof Polyester Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain Standard Size 66(w)x72(h)

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  • When cowboy shower for horse trailer is not used, cowboy shower won’t take much space at all, it can be turned on anywhere, while water supply or electricity is not required. The construction and mounting of cowboy shower for horse trailer may be really simple if you know what you are doing. It’s no more difficult to mount and use than water pumps, shower mats or water-storage tanks. You can select the installation option you like most.

    There is an alternative. A “cowboy” shower usually means a shower set up in the horse area of a trailer. Cowboy showers may be warm or cold water. I much prefer a warm shower. So I embarked on a journey of discovery. You too, can share this discovery of magic.

  • The cowboy shower is placed in the first stall and can be removed when necessary. The shower itself is made from a 13" x 13" utility tub that I purchased at Lowes and I came up with the idea from although there are few more similar ideas on the web. I built a shower base out of 2 x 4's to secure the utility tub to and made covers so when the shower is not being used, we can put our hay bail bags and such on top of it. To drain the water, I cut a hole in the bottom and it drains into a the drain plumbing by means of a flexible hose although you have to crawl under the trailer to connect and disconnect if the shower is to be removed. I kept the piece of rubber mat that was cut so when I remove the shower there will not be a hole in the mat. I have made a curtain for it as well that will hang on two pieces of 1" aluminum attached to the roof bows. It all can be stowed in the pan when not in use and the whole shower can be removed.

    When you got a new or want to turn your older one into a more comfortable place you need to get a cowboy shower for horse trailer. It’s a small shower located in the compartment of a horse trailer. There is nothing else more pleasant than manage to place all conveniences and accommodations into a small horse trailer to adjust it for long camp trips.

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    There is still a less sophisticated solution when it comes to a cowboy shower for horse trailer. It consists of a plastic bag with enough gallon volume to maintain water. It should be transparent on one side and dark on the other. A solid cord with help you hang this plastic bag, while water spout might control the coming water flow. Before you set up on a trip with your horse friend, just fill in the bag with clean water and let it heat up in the sunlight, so that when you come back it will be warm enough. Bear in mind that you should place this plastic bag transparent side up in the sun, so that the black “swallows” sunlight warmth.

Cowboy Shower for your Horse Trailer

When you purchase your cowboy shower kit you should be attentive to the materials that it’s made of. You don’t want to be caught by any premature rust appearance or sudden breakages if you are in the middle of your trailer trip. The alloys used should also be non-allergic and safe to use for regular showering. Picking up some tanks to maintain water for showering, you need to know the volume your trailer can house. Actually, all parts of cowboy shower should be checked for size and be compared to the free space available in your horse trailer.