I don't know about you.. but I really just CAN'T talk a cold shower:

Taking cold showers will make you a better person.

Getting into a cold shower early in the morning is not easy. And that’s the point.
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But the real superpower that you get from taking a cold shower every day is called .
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I take a tip from James Bond and start my day with a cold shower, what I call a Wake-Up Shower.

Cold Showers

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  • So in this article you’ll not only learn the 15 benefits of cold showers, but how to actually grow the balls to take them! Because it takes balls.

    Out of all the other articles out there, no one lists this as a positive of taking cold showers, but I personally think it’s the most important. Cold showers build massive will power.

  • When you strengthen your willpower by taking cold showers, you build tolerance, and when you build tolerance, you become more accepting of the changes life throws your way.

    Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well being and health. Something as simple as rotating the temperature gage can really have a big improvement on your life.

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    To a cold shower virgin, the amount of will power it takes to take cold showers may seem like that of a Shaolin Monk, because for the common man it is a pretty big jump.

Cold showers fortifies body immunity and circulation

Feeling a little bit down and blue? Why not take a cold shower to lighten up? As cold water touches your skin, your breathing deepens as a way for your body to keep warm. This results to more oxygen being pumped into your brain, improving your mood.