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ONEONEY Colorful Tree of Life Gorgeous Like Feather Bathroom Shower Curtain - Custom Polyester Fabric kids Decorative Curtain Ideas (72"W x 72"H)

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  • Fabric shower curtains, though lovely, do absorb moisture and take a while to dry, making them susceptible to mildew and stains (even if you use a vinyl liner with your shower curtain). While this can be a problem if your shower is used every day, constantly exposing your fabric shower curtain to moisture, you can easily keep your cloth shower curtain looking great if you wash it on occasion.

    Many fabric shower curtains quickly soak up moisture and can be a pain to use, which makes using a vinyl liner with a cloth shower curtain a good idea. Even if you choose a fabric shower curtain designed to repel water and not absorb moisture, using a liner can help your curtain stay in great shape.

  • One of the main reasons for buying cloth shower curtains is to add an attractive look to a bathroom that you just can't get with any number of other bath accessories. Cloth shower curtains are often made from high-quality fabrics that will last for years with proper care and which give any bathroom a touch of class that you can't find elsewhere.

    change the look of a bathroom, and cloth shower curtains can take bath decor from mediocre to magnificent. , also known as fabric shower curtains, have been around for ages, but they lost some of their popularity to vinyl shower curtains in the last few decades. Cloth shower curtains have reemerged as one of the most sought after bath products in recent years. While vinyl shower curtains are practical and low cost, a cloth shower curtain is a great choice if you're concerned with making your bathroom a place you love to be.

  • A wonderful thing about cloth shower curtains is that they come in such a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. If you're decorating a bathroom at your beach house, choose a fabric shower curtain made from cotton duck to match your coastal-themed bath products and bath accessories. If your bathroom has a rustic look to it, you can buy quilts that have been turned into fabric shower curtains. You can even find a fabric shower curtain that you like and then design your bathroom around it.

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Vinyl shower curtains, while inexpensive, can sometimes tear easily and look drab after extended use. Cloth shower curtains are very durable, especially canvas shower curtains and shower curtains made from thicker materials. With a little consistent care, a cloth shower curtain will look bright and attractive for years to come.