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  • I can’t believe it! I think this post was made just for me….on the to do list for this week is make around the clock shower invite. I have a double bridal shower that I’m hosting, coming soon! Thank you!!! If you have any other fun ideas I’d love to hear them!

    Whoever invented the “Around the Clock Bridal Shower” deserves a high five. Such a good idea! Each guest receives an invitation with either Breakfast—8am, Lunch—noon, Dinner—5pm and “Dessert”—10pm. They then purchase a gift according to their assigned time/meal. It makes sure all your bases are covered…a bit of practical and a bit of fun!

  • It is time to talk about how to host an around the clock bridal shower. This is a really unique idea for a theme it is a time themed shower where each of your guests, each of you invitees are assigned a time of day and they choose their gift for the bride accordingly. So they could get one a.m. or they could get one p.m., and you are going to get two completely kinds of gifts based on what they have been assigned. Depending on how many guests you have coming to this shower you may want to think about not assigning the time day, one o'clock two o'clock three o'clock leave it up to them then they get to decide where they want to go with that gift that tends to create a little more humor value, if you have a lot of guests coming to the shower, definitely do want to assign the time of day. So include these rules in the invitations that you send out, this is a time themed shower, your assigned time is noon, please choose a gift that is appropriate to that time of day. They will bring all of these gifts to your shower where you want to carry the time theme through the decorations, you can hang clocks of a variety of shapes and sizes all over, you can carry them through the favors as well I've seen this done where small inexpensive watches were used to weight down balloons and then each of those was given as a favor at the end of the shower. Carry the theme through games. I like to ask the groom about specific time. What time did you guys meet? What time of day was it when you first kissed? Get time related questions and then quiz the bride, see if she can remember as well as she does or you might get him in trouble with this one so be careful. Carry that time theme all the way through the shower and then this is really important, open the gifts in time order, start at twelve o'clock noon and who has got noon and work your way around the clock, who has got one o'clock who has got two o'clock and it becomes kind of a guessing game sometimes some of them are a little bit more obscure to figure out exactly how this gift does figure into that time of day. I was once given a gift with a certain television logo on it, I had no idea what it was about, well that TV show was on at the time of day that the guest had been assigned. See you can be really creative with this, your guests can be really creative with this and it is good for a lot of laughs. Have a great time.

    An around-the-clock bridal shower has a time theme in which each guest brings a gift appropriate for a different time of the day. Incorporate clocks and watches into the decorations and invitations of an around-the-clock bridal shower using advice from a wedding planner in this free video on wedding showers.

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  • Ally and Tim
    are getting married!

    Let’s celebrate with an Around the Clock Shower,
    With gifts they’ll use at the appointed hour!

    Your appointed time is:

    14. Around the clock shower. Assign each guest a specific time slot (i.e. 8 AM, 6 PM, 9 PM, etc.); they will use that time to influence their gift. For example, a guest with the 8 AM slot might bring a breakfast-themed gift basket, while a guest with the 6 PM slot might bring dishes.

Around the Clock Shower Gift Guide | Ultimate Bridesmaid

One month after our second adoption, there was a lavish on-the-clock baby shower for not one, but three of my coworkers. My "new baby" was three, and while I get that it isn't exactly the same thing, it would have been nice to be celebrated, too. I tried to put my big girl panties on and attend this shower. I lasted five minutes, bolted during the "I have such awesome, supportive coworkers" speech and spent the next half hour crying in the bathroom. My colleagues were stunned that I was upset and were appropriately apologetic. They didn't mean to exclude me; they just didn't think of me as a new mom. It was awkward.